we made history


On Christmas day 100 years ago, an extraordinary event occurred during the First World War in Flanders. The British and German troops organised a spontaneous cessation of hostilities and met between the trenches to exchange gifts, sing Christmas carols together, and organize an impromptu football match. We were commissioned by UEFA to produce a special memorial to celebrate this remarkable event in a village near Ypres in Belgium. The Inspiration came from the surroundings of the actual site of the Christmas Truce football match and recorded history of the event to create a sculpture made from rusted steels. The sculpture sits on a stone platform at the top of the designated area where it brings the opportunity to celebrate a moment of hope and inspiration while observing replicas of German and British trenches. The look and feel of the sculpture reflects the environment in which the event happened and together with 2 black cracks running on the grounds from the monument to each trench, connects past and present.