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UEFA Champions Final 2014

Each year UEFA creates a new identity for the Final of its flagship competition the UEFA Champions League, and in 2014 it was held in Lisbon. The overall concept for the event identity came from the 'Age of Discovery', where Portuguese explorers used the stars to guide them around the world in search of new lands. It was called the ’Stars Align', and the brightest 22 would align in the Final. The event identity was inspired by the giant wind rose compass seen at Lisbon’s iconic ‘Monument to the Discoveries’, plus elements of an ancient spherical navigation instrument, all highlighting Lisbon’s seafaring heritage. The distinctive graphic pattern of the compass and the dynamic shapes of the sphere were applied to a wide variety of deliverables, including match tickets, stadium dressing, player tunnel, interview backdrops, security passes and dressing rooms, as well as websites, microsites and other forms of new media. Images supplied by Getty images.